RREC Central Southern Section
Past Events

at the Southdowns Country Hotel, Trotton - Sunday 4 December 2005

Just over one hundred members, wives and partners arrived from 10.30am entering into the Colonnade for coffee and (latterly) mince pies and then to meet and greet each other in the bar/lounge. Club Chairman Ian Rimmer (as Management Committee representative) arrived from Cheshire in a new Mulliner Continental GT loaned for the weekend by Bentley Crewe.

At 11.35 the Chairman, Tony Leach formally opened the AGM by welcoming everybody especially Ian. The Secretary, Ted Meachem, read out apologies for absence from Tommy and Dot Welham, Peter and Barbara Waller,

  Southdowns Country Hotel
Mark Tidy, Rob and Jane Pedler, Steve and Jayne Page-Mitchell, Steven and Rachael Fassoms, Tony Parsons, Nigel and Gilly Crossley, Chris and Rosemary Tween, Chas Forrest, Michael Barnes and also a letter from Fred Fruth. Ted also said that unfortunately Leif and Diana Wangel, Jack and Dorothy Pennell and Ian and Corinne Niblett were unable to attend. The Secretary then asked the meeting if it was their wish that he should ask the Chairman to sign the previously circulated minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 5 December 2004 as being a true record. There was full agreement from the floor and the minutes were duly signed. There were no Matters Arising.

Tony Leach   Chairman Tony began his annual report saying that it could be the same as last year, however... The first meetings of the year were lunches at pubs (and a golf club thanks to Derrick Hurrell), then a visit to Broughtons (with a mention of the Secretary's newly acquired Corniche LOL and the order placed for a new Flying Spur by another member). Thanks to David and Jackie Gray again, for hosting the well attended Memorial Meeting. Good attendance and good weather at the Bradfield South of England Rally, Firle Place, a joint event with the BDC, the Secretary's At Home Day and Lancing College. Hickstead was rather wet. Tony said that the jewel in the crown this year was probably our visit to the Channel Islands, excellent hotel, weather and visits, especially Sark. A very good return visit to the Bluebell Railway was over-subscribed.

Tony thanked all the members of the Committee for their constant dedication particularly the Treasurer, Andrew Honour, magazine Editor Dennis Windows and Ted, the Secretary. He also thanked Doug Groves and Michael Marriage who were not standing for re-election to the Committee, they will be missed! Lastly Tony thanked all the members for their support.

Ted Meachem   Secretary Ted started his annual report by saying that hopefully he would read page one first this year. He gave a special welcome to Ian and Elizabeth Campbell from the Isle of Wight (Ian is our ambassador to the Tierra del Fuego Section while he is attached to the Chilean Navy). Ted described the new PA system bought by the Section which was in use for the first time.

With some sadness Ted recalled the death of our General Secretary this year but was glad to report that we had made a substantial contribution to the £7,000.00 sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital in Peter's name.

Ted mentioned the Channel Islands Rally and our 'Condor Moments'. There were special thanks to Jean and Ralph Taylor for their very successful fund raising raffles.

The AGM notification mailing, this year, was to over 460 addresses. There had been a marvellous 160 responses already with almost £2,000.00 in Contributions, for which the Committee were most grateful. Ted also thanked Ian Burt for his continuing excellent work on the Section Website.

The 2006 Programme was now finalised and mention made of the South of England Rally at Woldingham School, the National Rally at Kelmarsh Hall and our own annual rally to the Mosel Valley in September.

The Secretary gave his thanks to the Committee members (and to all the un-sung heroes) saying that the organisation of Section events was very much a team effort led by the BW's of the day. Ted asked for members to let him know of any issues they would like raised at the Club Conference in March and also if there were any questions from the floor. There were none.

Treasurer Andrew Honour said that the Section finances were in very good order and ran through the previously circulated Annual Account. He gave thanks to John Tudor for examining the accounts. Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Barry Jones and seconded by John Bray. Accepted unanimously. Re-appointment of the Examiner was proposed by Peter Parkinson and seconded by David Steel. Accepted unanimously.

The Chairman asked all the prospective candidates for the new Committee to stand (and be recognised!): Simon Buck, Darren Collins, David Gray, Andrew Honour, Tony Leach, Dick Lees, Ted Meachem, Maurice Pitchford, David Steel and Dennis Windows. In the absence of any further nominations, it was proposed that the present members and the two new nominees be elected en bloc. Proposed by Paul Capper and seconded by Derek Johnson. Accepted unanimously.

The Committee
Back: Darren Collins, Dick Lees, David Steel, Simon Buck, David Gray, Dennis Windows, Marice Pitchford
Front: Ted Meachem, Tony Leach, Andrew Honour.

The Programme for 2006 had been distributed to the meeting and the Secretary asked if there were any questions. David Steel gave an update on the Mosel Rally.

Ian Rimmer   Ian Rimmer, the Club Chairman said he was pleased to see such a large AGM gathering. He said he had been busy this year, making around thirty-six visits so far, helping to enhance the overseas Sections, dealing with the Hunt house staffing review (including the appointment of Julian Spencer, the new General Manager) and the development of the new Peter Baines Wing (to be opened in spring 2006 by Jo Baines). In 2007, the Club's 50th anniversary year, the Annual Rally would be held at Kelmarsh Hall. Ian said that the main website had now been enhanced and was now much better. He also said the Club was financially secure but of course the Club and the Foundation were financially separate. Hunt House were working to strengthen the links between Crewe and Goodwood even to the extent of creating a 'works' membership category.

Paul Capper asked from the floor if the Bulletin could have more interesting articles, to attract new younger members. Ian replied that all articles were welcomed by the new Editor, Julian Spencer.

Tony thanked Ian for attending and speaking at our AGM and then gave details of the lunch arrangements with Ted and then closed the meeting at 12.42pm.

At a short meeting after the lunch, the new Committee elected Tony Leach as Chairman, Ted Meachem as Secretary and Andrew Honour as Treasurer.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Photos: Kanchu McAllister and Ian Burt