RREC Central Southern Section
Past Events

Friday 19 August 2005

Nineteen Club cars and their owners braved persistent rain on the second day of this international showjumping event parking once again on the river lawn. We had hoped for a parade, but the course builders preferred not to have our motor cars drive over the international arena following all the previous twelve hours of rainfall. However a small band of stalwarts ignored the elements and gathered round the editor's Series II Silver Shadow to sing happy seventy-fifth birthday and to present a birthday cake complete with lighted candle - happy birthday Ticker. The secretary's wife, Kate, brought along the latest addition to the family, a fourteen week old flat coated retriever, Jed on his very first outing into the big wide world. Our thanks to the Bunn family for allowing us to attend the meeting. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us next year.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary