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Little Stammerham Farm - Sunday 17 July 2005

It is every rally organiser's dream that good weather will play a prominent role in his event and, indeed, the sun certainly shone upon the righteous on this Sunday's gathering at Little Stammerham Farm, the home of Ted, our Section Secretary and Kate, his wife.

Set in lovely countryside near Christ's Hospital, the old farm house (partly 13th century, I am told) and the adjoining outbuildings formed the perfect backdrop to the gathering on the front lawn of some ninety members. Regretably, four members were unable to attend and were missed of course but nevertheless, it was an extremely good turn-out.

On arrival, from about 10.45am onwards, members were offered ice cold Pimms by the catering staff who were looking after our needs for the day and this was followed by coffee, all of which was most acceptable under a cloudless sky with one's priority being to find a little shade. Relaxing in the tranquillity of this rural setting one found the time just slipping away and very soon we heard the stentorian voice of our host announcing lunch in the marquee. Ted's caterers had done a really good job here with masses of food being on offer in the form of a cold buffet and the variety was incredible with a choice of sweet to follow. There was no need to go away hungry!

Following lunch and as a lighthearted diversion Ted produced his forklift tractor with elevating platform and those brave enough to engage in this tomfoolery were borne aloft in order to take photographs of the cars etc. A brilliant display of about forty-seven cars, so ably parked and arranged by Michael (Marriage) and Ralph (Taylor) in a nearby meadow, (they certainly earned their glass of Pimms!) provided great interest, particularly the newly acquired models ie: Derek and Sheila Hurrell's Spirit, replacing their Corniche after many years of ownership. And of course, Ted's Corniche LOL, a really stunning motor car which is always guaranteed to draw the crowds! Certainly all the cars were beautifully presented and all worthy of a mention but space only permits comment on but a few and those that particularly come to mind are Ray and Mary Thatcher's PII Hooper Limousine and Paul Lewis and Mo's Corniche III Convertible, both of which received much attention. It was nice too, to see a few bonnets raised, surely this an indication that there are still members interested in the bit that actually propels the thing along! (Sorry).

So, our final deed for the day was the draw for the raffle. Ralph and Jean (Taylor) were in charge of this, and the raffle prizes most generously donated by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Harwoods of Pulborough and many members too, were on display during the day. Our host's earlier plea to spend generously on the purchase of tickets did not go unheeded and the response was quite incredible. Finally, two of the donated gifts were auctioned off and raised a further sum to bring the total proceeds to an incredible £615.00! The committee had earlier agreed that the Secretary's at Home Day would provide a great opportunity to pay special tribute to Peter Baines, the Club's General Secretary who died on 31 March and the decision was made to hold a raffle to raise funds, in his name, for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was felt this would be a very appropriate way of registering this Section's regard for Peter and would show too our appreciation of his dedication and commitment to Club affairs over the years. We do indeed say 'thank you' for his life.

This was certainly a memorable day, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and it just remains to say 'thanks' to Ted and Kate for their hospitality and letting us share their home for the day. It was really great!

Doug Groves - Section Committee Member

Cars in the meadow
Parking for most of the members' motor cars was in a nearby meadow. There were some forty-seven in all.
Ted and Kate's home
The gathering of about ninety members on the front lawn of Ted and Kate's home.
Lunch in the marquee
Lunchtime in the marquee, where an excellent buffet was provided by the caterers.
Paul's RR Corniche   Tractor
Paul Lewis' latest acquisition - a 1990 Rolls-Royce Corniche III Convertible.   What a way to get high! Photos: Ian Burt