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Storrington - Sunday 5 June 2005

The usual June summer's day, with leaden skies and soggy underfoot, was the scene for seventeen club cars visiting this delightful Sussex venue. Andrew and Jackie Pigott attended a rally for their first time in their dark green Silver Spur. Andrew is a real enthusiast about his 'toy', while Jackie, like every member's partner agrees with his choice. Our cars lined up on the grass alongside the East moat wall; unfortunately there were no pre-war cars to brave the elements, the oldest car (and surely the longest single ownership) belonged to Peter and Grace Jupe in their Bentley R type.

A picnic was the idea in your BW's mind when the event was originally conceived and many members brought their umbrellas to do just that. Not so our Chairman's wife Daphne, always one to smile and laugh in adversity, for she sported a sun shade, not the model bearing the RREC or Bentley motifs, but advertising the sunny aspects of Kuchong Beach resort, a hotel they had visited during one of their many Far Eastern RREC rallies. It was a cruel reminder of what we had missed! In Parham house there were enough oil paintings on the ground floor to buy an Arnage (or two) never mind the pictures on the stairs and second floor. The Long Gallery at the top of the building - all 160 feet of it is always an interesting place to visit. We found the taped guide very good value. And perhaps I should mention the extensive gardens but I would rather not for we have plenty of weeds in ours and the amount of work to keep them in good condition is enough to make any spade buckle.

Michael Marriage - Section Committee Member

Parham House
  Photo: Michael Marriage