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Past Events

Bradfield College - Sunday 15 May 2005

A brand new venue for the rally, NNW of Theale in Berkshire. Sue Heskett, Events Organiser, of Bradfield College Enterprises Ltd had been extremely helpful in the run up to the rally and on the day organised all the road signage, site signage and the mobile catering van. South-Eastern Section manned the gate (special thanks to Martin Coomber) ensuring a smooth entry of cars with no hold-ups. Surrey Section (special thanks to Chief Marshal, Trevor Yates) took care of the marshalling on the field which like the rest of the grounds were in immaculate condition. Two hundred and seventy-eight motor cars were prebooked with another seventy-eight arriving on the day. Allowing for no-shows and non-club cars the rally field contained around three hundred and twenty Club cars. Almost every model was represented from Silver Ghost to Bentley Continental GT spanning ninety-two years.

The pristine grass quadrangle (surrounded on three sides by splendid brick and flint traditional style buildings) was the site for:

  • A Goodwood Phantom from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd, who also kindly donated three copies of the book 'The Goodwood Phantom' for raffle prizes.
  • An Arnage R, a Continental GT and a Continental R from Bentley Pangbourne, who also kindly donated a 'Bentley - The Story' book as a raffle prize.
  • A Dixieland Jazz Band.
  • A table displaying the raffle prizes just outside the Warden's Room that housed the Club Shop (from Hunt House, with special thanks to Sophie and Helen) and the Spares Sale (special thanks to David Oxford).

Tours of the college buildings were led by Bradfield students during the morning/middle of the day. In the afternoon the same students toured the car lines to choose, in their opinion, 'the Best Car in the Show'. Just after three o'clock the Warden (Chairman of the Governors) of Bradfield College, Lord Robert Iliffe, (who is also a member of our Club) said a few words of welcome. Past Chairman, Jane Pedler, said a few words of thanks and made a presentation to Gordon Connelly in recognition of many, many years service to the Club particularly with regard to South of England Rallies.

The day's award trophies were then presented (special thanks to John Gower for the organisation):

  • JOHN WALKER MEMORIAL TROPHY (Most original used pre-1939 Club car). Presented and judged by Mike Walker. Winner Entry No 222 Peter Bull, 1936 4L Bentley Sports Saloon, Hooper, Reg No AXL 1.
  • MONTAGUE AWARD (Best post 1980 Club car). Presented by Montague & Company. Judged by Ian Williams. Winner Entry No 318 Wendy Strudwick, Reg No MUI 5925.
  • (Surrey) PRESIDENT'S ROSE BOWL (The car of his choice). Presented and judged by Jim Dakin.
  • Winner Entry No 179 Neil Carpenter, 4L Bentley 3 position DHC, Hooper. Reg No DXV 69.
  • MIKE SCOTT TROPHY (Best Shadow or T series). Presented and judged by Mike Scott. Winner Entry No 199 Derrick Wilson. 1978 Shadow II, Reg No BHJ 561S.
  • THE HOPPY HOPKINS MEMORIAL TROPHY (Best S Series Bentley). Presented by Diane Hopkins. Judged by previous years winner, James Strugnell. Winner Entry No 351, Reg No TLC 404. Owner, A J Langdale? had left the field before presentation.
  • 'BEST CAR IN SHOW' judged by the Bradfield Students who assisted, as the car of their choice. Winner Entry No 227 Mrs Pat Butcher. 1931 RR 20/25 Park Ward Saloon. Reg No OU 3567.

The raffle draw then took place (special thanks to Diana Chambers for the organisation) with the help of Club Chairman Ian Rimmer. Unfortunately there were not enough raffle tickets available for sale and some members were unable to buy tickets.

The Jazz Band played on as members made their way back to the motor cars to enjoy the absolutely glorious weather, delightful views, even a light aircraft display and the cricket match on the lower greens.

Extra special thanks to the Secretary of the Meeting, Andy Courtney, who dealt with all the entries and the majority of the paperwork. Andy was 'on parade' despite the fact that on reversing his newly acquired Silver Ghost out of the garage first thing that morning had an unfortunate and really maddening accident, which damaged the Spirit of Ecstasy and the top of the radiator.

Finally, our thanks to Bradfield College for hosting a really excellent rally and allowing us to share this wonderful venue.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

right: Andy Courtney congratulates Trish Butcher. Her 1931 RR 20/25 Saloon won the Boys' Choice prize.    Photos: Andrew Honour