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Sunday 8 May 2005

It is not everyday that our members enjoy a picnic in the company of a Buccaneer, a Venom, a Sea Vixen, a Sea Prince, a Fairey Gannet and a couple of Shackletons, but at Gatwick Aviation Museum that is what thirty-six members and nineteen Club cars did today.

Gatwick Aviation Museum is a private collection run by the enthusiastic Peter Vallance and his small team of dedicated volunteers just on the edge of the village of Charlwood near Gatwick Airport.

The extensive collection of some twenty post-war British military aircraft is complemented by an impressive display of over a thousand model aircraft and airline memorabilia together with the odd Rolls-Royce aero engine for the delight of the keen enthusiast.

During our visit, most members enjoyed an informative conducted tour of the outside exhibits, many with Rolls-Royce engines, and the interior of the Avro Shackleton Mk3 with a chance to sit in the pilot's seat.

Our motor cars were displayed amongst the aircraft exhibits and a welcome hot cup of coffee or tea warmed us up on this bright but breezy cool spring day.

Simon Buck - Section Committee Member

Club cars.   Club cars and exhibits.
Part of the display of Club cars and exhibits at Gatwick Aviation Museum.
Simon Buck and Peter Vallance.   Ted Meachem's Corniche.
Simon Buck with Peter Vallance who runs the Museum. Ted Meachem's rare 2002 RR Corniche.     Photos: Andrew Honour and Ian Burt