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By kind invitation of Rosina Harris once again, the Central Southern Section, with representatives from Wessex and Surrey Sections gathered at her house for a short memorial meeting conducted by Reverend Clifford Hankins. Around sixty members and guests found their way to Elmstead in West Wittering where parking was organised by Paul Capper.

At 12.30 the cavalcade of twenty-five club cars left for the Barnham Windmill restaurant. The windmill was built in 1829 and worked successfully until 1926; but engineers like Sir Henry put it out of business by producing mechanical power from combustion engines. Apt, some may muse, that the meeting was there, and whilst hoping that Rolls-Royce engines will power their way through life for many years to come, many hope that the windmill will once again find a useful purpose in every day life. If the enthusiasm of Barry Lee, our host and chef, is as good as his roast pork it will not be too long before its sails are turning again.

Heeding President Blair's call to visit the countryside the cars were neatly marshalled in a nearby field by Andrew Honour and Simon Buck. No foot and mouth here - just super technology.

Nine soups and thirty-six prawn cocktails were followed by roast beef, pork, and the odd vegetarian and the noise of conversation reached fever pitch. On our table members were discussing the latest developments in the internet: how to buy airline tickets, holidays and send emails. It is well known (we said) that the Section Secretary is wizard at this business, and that even the Chairman looks at his email every now and then. And a past Chairman stated he was looking into it all and may BUY! Then came the final challenge from our Webmaster; send him an article and he will put it on the Section website and Central Southern will have another first. Sir Henry would surely approve.

The Chairman dutifully rose (as chairmen do), thanked Rosina for her generous hospitality, thanked the organisers and members for coming and hoped to see them in three weeks' time at the Crossbush.

Then the rumble of engines started as members rolled home, presumably watched by the Spirit of Sir Henry up in the Clouds casting his Shadow over the field containing his Spurs; and when that beautiful 20/25 glided away followed by a new Dawn, he smiled. Sir Henry had had a good day and so had the enthusiastic members of his club.

Michael Marriage - Treasurer

Elmstead Meeting   Elmstead West
Members assemble at Elmstead for a short Memorial Service to mark the passing of Sir Henry Royce.   Drinks on the lawn by kind permission of the present home owner, Honorary Section Member Miss Rosina Harris. Photos: Ian Burt