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VISIT TO THE GEORGE INN AT EARTHAM - Sunday 18 February 2001

On a fine sunny morning I arrived at The George by 10.15am as, although coffee was not due to be served until 11 o'clock, there are always early arrivals! First on the scene was Paul Capper, who had kindly come to help me with the parking, in his resplendent Silver Cloud hearse of 1959 vintage. As Paul said 'in case any of our ladies wanted a lie down after lunch!' Many thanks Paul!

Sixty-seven members in all made the event a great success and twenty-six Club cars were on display in the car parks - of these four of the older ones were placed strategically at the front to complement the building.

An excellent deal had been struck with the landlord, especially since it is a quiet time of year - good for him and good for us! Coffee and lovely chocolate biscuits were the order of the day followed at lunch by roast beef, steak and kidney pie or chicken curry - then apple pie or gateau rounded off by coffee or tea. Compliments abounded, especially for the quality of the roast beef.

We were delighted to meet new member Andy Riddle from Clanfield who brought his wife and two young daughters in his Shadow II - a very nice car. Also prospective Section members Keith Francis and Nicholas Blake from Uckfield in their very well presented Bentley Continental. We look forward to meeting them all again soon.

There was, of course, a great deal of interest in Ted Meachem's Silver Dawn of 'R' registration, acquired only on the previous day. Insufficient time to fill the drinks cabinet - better luck for us next time perhaps?

Our grateful thanks to Alistair, the manager, for all his attention to detail on the day, to his boss Steve for helping out and to all the staff of The George. The Inn can be found on the ChichesterWeb site which is controlled by fellow members Ian and Jennifer Burt.

Derek Smith

Visit to The George Inn   Visit to The George Inn
Doug Groves' 1930 RR 20/25 Mulliner Weymann Saloon,
Ian Niblett's 1926 RR 20hp 4 seater tourer, and a later 20hp.
  Line up of some of the more modern Club cars at The George.
Photos: Ian Burt