RREC Central Southern Section

Sunday 3 December 2000 at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel, Walberton

The Chairman, Tony Leach, opened the meeting in the first floor Ballroom by welcoming everybody, especially Management Committee representative Eri Heilijgers and his wife Annie. The Secretary, Ted Meachem, read out a long list of 'apologies for absence' which included many good wishes to the Committee and the Section. Apologies, due to poor health, had been received from Teddy Nash but he was now feeling much better and hoped to attend the lunch after the meeting. The Chairman asked if he should sign the (previously circulated) minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 5 December 1999 as being a true record. There was whole-hearted agreement from the floor and the minutes were duly signed.

Chairman Tony began his annual report saying that he was delighted to be Chairman of a rather special car club. One which had such a prestigious headquarters and substantial funds in the kitty! He said that CS was probably one of the most successful Sections with many events, hopefully with something for everybody. A survey along these lines had been sent out and the Committee had taken the poor response (in percentage terms) to mean members were happy with the status quo. Three meetings during the year, the South of England, Lasham gliding and Hickstead, were all spoilt by the poor weather. He went on to say that he felt the secret of our success was the enthusiastic Committee, giving 100% commitment, running the events. Tony paid tribute to the three members not standing for re-election this year; Derek Smith, Doug Groves and Kim Davey. Tony also thanked all the other members, by name, for their hard work.

Secretary Ted gave his annual report, observing that the AGM notification mailing was to 400 addresses reaching over 800 members and partners. The response to this year's Contribution letter had again been marvellous. He said that there were approximately twenty Section events during the year and that at quite a few there were one or two showers between the heavy rainfall. Without recalling all the events attended and enjoyed he mentioned particularly our Spring Rally to North Wales, taking in the Guinness Book of Records attempt and then the National Rally. Also the Bolero Cruise, an additional event not a replacement for a car rally. The Secretary gave his thanks to the Committee members (and to the unsung heroes) saying that the organisation was very much a team effort led by the BW's of the day. Ted asked for members to let him know of any issues they would like raised at the Club Conference in March and also if there were any questions from the floor. There were none. At this point Tony presented the two officers standing down with an appreciation on behalf of the Section for all the work which Kim had put into the Treasurer's job and to Doug for all his efforts as Spares and Technical Officer.

Prior to the election of the new Committee the Chairman asked the two new nominees, Dick Lees and Maurice Pitchford, to stand (and be recognised!). Simon Buck, Paul Capper, Andrew Honour, Tony Leach, Michael Marriage, Ted Meachem, and Dennis Windows were standing for re-election. In the absence of additional nominations the new Committee was elected 'en bloc', proposed by Michael Marriage and seconded by Peter Parkinson. Accepted unanimously. Copies of the year 2001 programme had been distributed before the meeting and the Secretary asked if there were any questions on this document. Tony said a few words on the Section Rally to the Isle of Purbeck in September.

Eri Heilijgers addressed the meeting saying that he first came to our Section many years ago, a Hayling Island rally with Past President Frank Hazell. He said that substantial reserves were needed at our headquarters in case the need arose again to defend the Club against litigation. A test run of putting the Club car records on CD had proved excellent and an initial expenditure of £40,000.00 was proposed for copying some of these. The actual records, some in very poor condition, were protected by a special fire protection system. Doug Groves asked if there were any legal complications with the ownership of the records and Eri replied that there were probably not. Eri closed by saying how glad he was to have attended the meeting and by recalling how one of the Committee members had returned home from an event in an alternative to his Club car!

Tony thanked Eri (and Annie) for attending and speaking at our meeting and then gave details of the lunch arrangements.

Following a further opportunity to chat, ninety-four members sat down to a very good traditional lunch at which the usual rocket balloons created quite a stir. At a short meeting after lunch, the new Committee elected Tony Leach as Chairman, Ted Meachem as Secretary and Michael Marriage as Treasurer.

Ted Meachem - Secretary

Members' cars, AGM   Doug Groves and Kim Davey
Some of the Club cars belonging to members attending the 2000 AGM. Photo: Andrew Honour   Retiring STO Doug Groves and retiring Treasurer Kim Davey with their presentation gifts. Photo: Dorothy Groves